Sln creators interview w/stephanie chung of votebetter

Creators of the SLN attended by Stephanie Chunn, the founder of the VoteBeter-app that informs students about the structures, processes and roles of students, invites students to participate in hot topics for elected representatives and to bring representatives to responsibility through careful monitoring of the final results

Simple. I saw that communities must grow and thrive when all contributed. I am a great advocate of cultivating knowledge and sharing them with members of the community so that we can all shape the programmes and services that affect us. Student societies are the major governing bodies with the income of their electorate and the mandate to service their constituents. It's been great till now! The project was disconnected in January 2019, when I sent out the questionnaire: student policy of the campus to his colleagues on Facebook. Since then, I have joined the team of students and alumni with moderate and high enthusiasm for this reason. We also created a demo of ours  And we started ours At school, I specialize in criminology and psychology, so some of the more technical aspects of this initiative can be a good challenge. Business concepts such as product development, market segmentation and financial modeling are entirely new to me. Time to learn about these concepts and to know when and where to support was important for the decision of these roadblocks We are currently working on creating our dream team (we are looking for Our software developers Matt Welke and Eldon Gonio (Eldon Gonio) were an integral part of creating a landing page and bringing this vision to life. I'd also like to give a blackout civil society Toronto, which was a great place for a meeting of like-minded people passionate with civil novelties. Finally, I do not want to thank all the students who have taken advantage of the time to talk to me about their experience with the campus and their hopes that the future campus policy is occupied! For many years, I have learned to be more disciplined by the use of time. Not my 9-5 (which I love), I invest in learning, attitude, or personal well-being. If you buy essay with us we will asure that you will get high-quality papers for affordable prices. This last thing is crucial. When what you do is related to social activity and your basic values and principles, there is a delicate balance between the rejuvenation of your work and your burning. For me, to remain physically healthy and mentally motivated is the key to balancing and fulfilling commitments in all spheres of my life So far, we have received a lot of support for the platform. However, this does not mean that we did not consider the waiver. Whether it comes from a person or an organization, refusal is simply a fact of life. Not everyone finds a value in what you do, and everything's fine. It is very important to know when to open a dialogue and when to respect the border

First of all, it should be remembered that innovation involves a risk and a process of testing. You have to be flexible and agile to succeed. Learning to accept rejection and better articulation of what you do for the right audience is a big part of it. A failure may indicate a direction in which to proceed to the next

Learn how to form the basis of your idea (otherwise as your offer of the elevator). Does that include what you're trying to do, who and why? Make your step with friends and family and make suggestions on what can be improved or made more understandable. It's becoming a life student. Chite blogs and academic literature, while having the advice of other staff members, learn about their experience by learning about the experience of others, finding a seminar on Eventbite, and joining the Meetup community are just some of the ways in which you can challenge yourself to learn something new. This will help you to solve problems from a new point of view Stay curious and optimistic, create an environment that will contribute to the development of these qualities in your team. Erica Risa and A dictionary of the project There's nothing wrong with asking for help. At the same time, you should not underestimate what you can do on your own with hard work and determination. For me, everything that was done with the prototype of Voteetter and filmed our demo was self-taught. It requires patience and practice to create a new set of skills, but invest in building your own potential, always paying A former colleague and mentor of mine, Patricia Volpe, whom I had the pleasure of working with the public service in Ontario. It acts with empathy, makes decisions on the basis of principle and practicality, and firmly adheres to the vision of the changes that it is working on. She taught me what it means to serve other people with dignity, compassion and integrity I'm glad you asked! I had the privilege of talking to both groups of people, so I can say a lot For secondary school students, it goes on weekends: Enjoy this self-discovery period. Create new friends! Watch your predilation! The important thing is to take care of yourself. Your education is important, but your health and well-being are even more important (plus this degree will not be self-sacrifil!) And for the tracked students, going to your career: Know your impact statement is the change you want to make in the world and why. You can do this by checking your transcript of the courses that you particularly liked, or worked well, and aspects of the work that you did not like. Reflects its abilities, values and interests. Self-awareness will allow you to feel the goal and direction you will be looking for a full and meaningful career. A lot of people have good ideas. The thing that you do with the rest of you, actually does something about it and makes your idea of life (from my friend, Bernard's house). I also appreciate the deep comments that Steve Jobs, jointly used in his 2005, Stanford speech: At present, listening to jazz music, making it, and sitting on some board games with family and friends. This year, the cold months were particularly long. So I can't wait to get on the door and start right now when we're constantly pressing these two numbers! (ALL) Thank you so much for inviting me to the SLN! I always have the pleasure of connecting with the students and continue the chat

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